and I knew the secrets in your spires
and I knew the emptiness of youth
and I knew the solitude of heart
and I knew the murmurs of the soul
and the world is drawn into your hands, and the world is etched upon your heart, and the world so hard to understand is the world you can't live without
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Whole foods in CharlestownOctober 2014

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Leaving Philadelphia with LovechildAugust 2014

LovechildOctober 2014

bout to spill some mad feelings here son 

this weekend was my cousin’s wedding and i am so frickin’ bummed that it’s over not only because it was a rockin time and i looked hot as hell and we rode around in a limo and drank but because ever since i can remember i’ve always felt so myself around all of her friends.. she is WAY more like an older sister than like a cousin to me and as a result all her friends have become super close to me too. it’s just so refreshing to be around adults and don’t get me wrong i love my friends to death but i just feel like they GET me and they don’t ever make me feel bad about myself and they always look out for me (and by look out for me i mean feed me alcohol whenever they can but those are some other stories for other times)
it’s just so great like her and her friends are such comforts to me because they treat me like an adult but at the same time it’s still like i’m a kid to them (for example her best friend ever let me sit in her lap and rocked me in a chair for like an hour to nurse my hangover/tiredness)
((also because i’m going on a little rant i may as well vent here because this is probably the only place she won’t see it but i am MAD crushin on one another of her  friends.. yesterday at the wedding she kept gettin’ me alcohol and when we were freezing for pictures she let me get under her jacket and share warmth ;-; and last night when i was leaving the wedding she (my cousin) said to me, “are ya done mad crushin on my BFF yet?” and i said heck no i’m just getting started! she just honestly is so fuckin’ cute she’s like this pretty little pinup girl and it kills me. oh and her (my cousin’s) (new) husband offered me 20$ to put the moves on her next time she’s down #challengeaccepted hahaha)) 
anyway all this other nonsense aside i really just wanted to vent here because when i feel overwhelmingly sad or happy or whatever i like to capture what i am feeling in a burst of words so i can look back and remember exactly how i felt. 
my cousin and i and her bffl (not the one i’m mad crushin’ on) are already planning a trip to chicago and her bffl invited me to come spend a weekend up in toronto (where she lives with the one i’m mad crushin on) AND they’re both coming back down for 3 weeks in the winter so yeah!! we’ve kinda got a perks of being a wallflower type thing going on here except they are already all graduated and settled so i don’t have to worry about them leaving me ever <3 <3 <3 


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